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Cinthia's Quest Shop: More rainbow stuff

June 30

Nostalgic Charlie

June 29
Once upon a time, the Lite Brite was all the rage and I wanted one so so bad. Nostalgic is really living up to its name here for me.

To get your very own, visit Vanya's Workshop with the Instructions and complete his quest to get the toy. Return with the Nostalgic Charlie Toy and an Essence of Melody to change your Active Pet into the Nostalgic Charlie.

Nostalgic Charlie Instructions Nostalgic Charlie Toy

Oversize me!

June 28
When I read the names of these dolls, I like to think that it's the spectrum that's oversized and not just the dolls.  More colors -- who wouldn't want that? 

Oversized Spectrum Lion Doll Oversized Spectrum Giraffe Doll Oversized Spectrum Beetle Doll Oversized Spectrum Whale Shark Doll Oversized Spectrum Sloth Doll

You'll find these at the Carnival Prize Tent on Delphi Beach.


June 22
""Summer's lease hath all too short a date." --William Shakespeare"

Whether you're having fun on an island in the sun, eating cake by the ocean, or you're tasting strawberries and it sounds just like a song, it's time to break out the shorts and flip-flops. 

The Millionaire Center has marked down their summer merchandise and they've added these new items:

Carnival Balloon Ride TicketShades of SummerBumbus Ita BagSummer Flashcard SetTanning Kit

KoaldeeSummer Cruising Blob Kitty PlushieSuns Out Buns Out StickerSuper Rainbowlicious Bubble GumTropical Shark Beanbag

The Quest Shop also has new items:

Rainbow Candy GemsCool Pet TreatsPack of Gel PensCool and Colorful Ghosts BeanbagSummer Fun Kiddie Pool

Fancy ShrimpSinging Sea Turtle PlushiePurple Banded Iced DrinkHydration is Key StickerSummer Meteor Showers

So get questing and, uh, millionairing.  :)

LAST CHANCE:  Don't forget to sign up for this summer's Werewolf game by midnight tonight!

Do you want balloons? 'Cause this is how you get balloons!

June 20
Five new balloons have popped up (ba-dum CHING) at the Carnival Prize Shop.  You can get Carnival tickets from playing the games in the Delphi Carnival.

Spectrum Pegasus Balloon
5 Carnival Tickets
Fiery Pegasus Balloon
5 Carnival Tickets
Cool Berry Pegasus Balloon
5 Carnival Tickets

Golden Pegasus Balloon
5 Carnival Tickets
Silver Pegasus Balloon
5 Carnival Tickets

As a reminder, signups for this summer's Werewolf game continue until midnight tomorrow. 
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