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Token Shop: Watermelon Blub

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July 15
Head over to the Token Shop and you might find this seasonal blub:

Watermelon Blub
325 Wizard Tokens

Stop it!

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July 11
The Gatekeeper has another blubbo at the Blackheart Hollow.  These things are edible and wearable, and I'll never get two of them.  Stop doing this to me!

Mint Choccy Chip Scented Primo Blubbo
??? Wizard Tokens

July 2024 Collection

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July 5
Do you like yellow?  I mean, really like yellow? 

Then you'll be over the moon for this month's Cash Shop collection: 

July 2024 Collection

Tie-Dye Scrunchie Kit
Transforms into: Bucket of Water Balloons
Bucket of Water Balloons
Transforms into: Tie-Dye Scrunchie Kit
Sunny Floral Kaftan

Yellowing Windmill Model Feathered Chrysanthemum Tea Bumbles and His Favorite Flower

July Subscription Item & CS Challenger: Dracomaris

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June 30
The newest Mutagen can now be grabbed from the Cash Shop.

Saltwater Mutagen D-4

If you can defeat it 5 times with the same pet in the Battle Coliseum, you'll get some shiny new rewards:
Captured Dracomaris Scale Dracomaris Plushie

The scale is a T4 Weapon as well as a wearable.

There's also a new Subscription item for subscribers at the $5 tier and above:

Galaxy Ruby

Knotted Shirts - Beach Shack

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June 28
Who else remembers tying up their shirts like this when it was really hot out? The Beach Shack has five new knotted shirts. Which color is your favorite?

Beige Knotted Summer Shirt Mustard Knotted Summer Shirt Navy Knotted Summer Shirt Salmon Knotted Summer Shirt White Knotted Summer Shirt
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